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Posted: 1 month ago / May 29, 2020



The recommended subject of the thread would be as follows:
Punishment Request - <Name>

[b]Name[/b] - (What is the accused person's name?)
[b]Steam-ID[/b] - (What is the accused person's Steam-ID?)
[b]Evidence Of Steam-ID[/b] - (Screenshot or video of the accused players Steam-ID)
[b]Time And Date (CET)[/b] - (When did it happen?)
[b]Other Comments[/b] - (Anything else you want to add?)
[b]Reason[/b] - (What rules did the person break?)
[b]Story[/b] - (What happened?)
[b]Proof[/b] - (Any proof (video or screenshot) that clearly shows what happened.)

Punishment Request Help
If the template is not used on a ban request, if you lie on a ban request or you don’t have actual evidence the request will be denied.
Please keep in mind that is ultimately up to the servers staff members what the punishment will be and just because you are asking for a warn/ban doesn't mean that's what it will end up being.
You must have evidence in your ban request. This include Pictures, Demos/Videos. Text logs will not help if you don't have proper evidence.
You can get a player's SteamID by going into a Garrys Mod Game and typing "status" into your console.
You need to provide SteamID evidence inorder prevent framing.

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