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Posted: 1 month ago / Jun 11, 2020
Edited: 1 month ago / Jun 11, 2020



1.0 General Information

1.1 - Loopholing
Attempting to get around any rules in any way is strictly forbidden, and will result in punishment.

1.2 - Avatars/Sprays
Emblems/Avatars on steam which may be deemed inappropriate by staff will be punished accordingly. This also applies to sprays in game, examples of this could be "Porn-sprays" etc.

1.3 - In-Game Names
In-game names / Steam names should also remain respectful and follow all rules that apply regarding disrespect and discrimination, and must not be used in an attempt to impersonate any member of staff / pretend to be staff.

1.4 - Discrimination
Discrimination in any form (sexism, racism, prejudicial remarks) are not permitted on any server.

1.5 - Disrespect
Users of the Scottish Gaming community server are to conduct themselves respectfully at all times. This rule is also in relation to rule 1.4

1.6 - Spam/Promotion of non-Scottish Gaming Services
Spamming is unacceptable; do not repeat messages more than once in a short space of time, make incoherent/useless messages or messages which promote another competitor community/service.

1.7 - Client Side Modification / Hacking
Do not attempt to modify your client to gain an advantage on our server. This includes, but isn't limited to: hacks and scripts.

1.8 - Avoiding Punishment
If you are being addressed by a member, do not leave without their permission to do so. This also includes ban evasion, if you are banned you are not permitted to join the server until the ban expires.

1.9 - Mic Spam
Spamming the microphone is unacceptable in any format, whether it be screaming, singing, repeating yourself or playing music unless another rule states otherwise.

1.10 - Voice Changers
Voice changers are not allowed within the Prop Hunt server.

1.11 - Exploiting
Purposely abusing unintentional game features is prohibited. If you find a bug which could be an exploit, report it ASAP.

1.12 - Begging
Do not beg for any items, if caught constantly begging for items/diamonds you will be warned.

2.0 Gamemode Rules

2.1 - Hiding Places
Do not attempt to glitch out of the map / into walls in order to hide.

2.2 - Ghosting
Speaking through third-party software outside of the game gives players an unfair advantage, should you be speaking to other players inside of your game through a third-party software, you must not disclose any in-game information. [I.e If you die, where props are etc.]

2.3 - Giving away Teammates
You may not give away the locations of any of your teammates.

2.4 - Door Blocking
Doors should be accessible at all times, any behavior that prevents a door from being passed through is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: spamming the door to repeatedly open/close it or blocking doors with your body or large props.

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