Welcome / Introductions / Greetings!

Posted: 1 month ago / May 30, 2020

Hello y'all!  My name is Generalschrimpf!  I've been on gmod for, well... ~8 years now? [nearly 3000 hours total] and I used to mod for a surf server called Compact Gamers [cG] which was fully disbanded last year after 5 years.  I'm glad to see that surf is still going strong and new servers are being made for players all over, including myself.
I am in no way, shape or form a professional; I suck immensly.

I do other stuff through Steam, right now I'm learning 3D design through Blender [some of my art should be on my profile, if not let me know], and I'm trying my best to be a developer/designer for games/animation.  

If you wanna add me on Discord, go ahead and ask!  :D  Hope to see y'all around!

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